Where We Source Our Sustainable Bison Meat

Where We Source Our Sustainable Bison Meat

Just as important as the health benefits and the quality of our bison meat is where we source it from. We only get our meat from ranches which use sustainable practices, such as environmental projects like the reintroduction of native species, and those which use regenerative farming techniques.

The ranches our bison live on have seemingly endless acreage, and are home to around 50,000 bison that roam the lands freely but productively.


Sustainable Ranches

In our modern world, you’ve probably noticed that there are fewer free-range, outdoor dairy cows free to wander the fields before being milked by hand. Mass production and mass profit have led to open fields being swapped for concrete yards and crowded barns when it comes to the majority of production for beef, pork, and chicken. However, we’re incredibly proud and happy to say that this is not the case with Straight Up Bison.

We source our bison from several different ranches across Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Kansas, and New Mexico. Each is colossal in size, serving as the perfect pasture not just for bison, but so that other wildlife and ecosystems can flourish, too.

These ranches range from 66,000 to 141,357 acres in size, and each is committed to managing the land in a sustainable way. They are made up of diverse terrain, with some featuring natural lakes, and others powered by windmills and solar energy.

For example, back in 2015, the McMurtrey Ranch served as the site of the largest stream restoration project ever conducted in the Nebraska Sandhills. The project raised the creek and ground water to historic levels, improving the functionality of the stream and meadows. This project continues to be successful, with increased forage production and improved wetland habitat.


The End Product: High-Quality Bison Meat

We understand that people in general are becoming more aware of and interested in where their food comes from, and are making active efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as invest in healthier options.

We believe our high-quality meat is reflective of your high-quality standards, and is truly something to be proud of. Every single Straight Up Bison product is carefully cut by our artisan butchers and is the end product of promise to serve you, your family, and our planet in equal measure.  

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