about us

what we’re all about

In approach and actions, Straight Up Bison is wholeheartedly committed to giving you the best experience of grass-fed, humanely sourced bison. And we take that humanely part very seriously. Our bison are never treated as a commodity. Keeping their population healthy is vitally important to keeping entire ecosystems healthy. We want each person who buys from us to know they’re making a responsible choice. With meat that’s delicious on the plate, practices that are beneficial to the planet, and customer-first methods supporting the entire experience, you’ll see that no other company cares for bison and those who love it like we do.

who we are

dr. fabiola corvera-stimeling


Fabiola’s drive to create Straight Up Bison was born out of a deep love for bison, healthy meals, and providing exceptional customer experiences. She wants customers to have fun eating sustainably, while partnering with responsible bison ranchers who take care of the land and the animals.

She is the author of Voiceless Customer: Why Customers Leave—a book that gives an inside look at service organizations through a customer lens to explain why businesses struggle to serve and retain their customers. Over the last 20 years, Fabiola’s expertise in this area has allowed her to help companies throughout the world better serve their customers and, in turn, help those customers get the best out of those companies.

In addition to bison and cooking, she enjoys CrossFit, golf, talking with her mom daily, and traveling to visit their four children and eleven grandchildren.

who we are

douglas a. stimeling

ceo & president

Doug has an uncanny ability to build trust, establish rapport, broker relationships, and create partnerships and alliances while motivating people to “get things done.”

Before starting Straight Up Bison, he spent more than forty years in business as an owner entrepreneur, as well as serving in leadership roles within several Fortune 500 companies.

He likes to scuba dive, fly, golf, travel, and, just like Fabiola, visit their children and grandchildren. Doug and Fabiola live in Waukesha, WI.

what we believe

care deeply

We got into this business out of deep and abiding love. We want people to eat well—to enjoy delicious, memorable meals that warm the body and mind without taking a toll on health. And we want this to happen in a way that also feeds the earth. A way that sets the stage for generations of shared meals instead of putting us all in a more precarious spot. It’s not just about feeding our customers today; we want your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all that follow to be able to enjoy the same things.

be forthright

Transparency is a buzzword used by a lot of companies that are trying to show customers a window into their workings, but only when and where they look good. At Straight Up Bison, we’re not afraid to show you our whole operation. From tail to horns, husbandry to harvesting, we want to talk about all of it. Got a question? Ask it. Not only are we happy to answer, we’re proud to.

lead with honor

We believe the how is just as important as the what. We provide premium bison meat—that’s the what—but how we care for the bison defines us. Character and principle will never take a backseat to profit and efficiency. Anyone who buys from us can be certain that they are getting a responsibly raised, thoughtfully sourced product.

where our bison roam

Our bison roam freely across the expansive terrain of the Great Plains, across South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Kansas, and New Mexico. Much of the land they call home has been undisturbed for generations, with thousands of acres naturally populated by native grasses and wildlife. No feedlots. No antibiotics. No hormones. They live a life as they would have hundreds of years ago with the benefit of regenerative agriculture practices that should have a positive impact hundreds of years from now.

when it’s time for harvesting

The wellbeing of our bison is a priority from the first moment they set hoof on the prairie until it’s time for harvesting. In addition to being 100% grass-fed, USDA certified and ethically raised, we abide by Temple Grandin guidelines in handling and transporting the bison to ensure it’s as humane and low-stress as possible. And when it comes to processing, we rely on a family owned and operated business that provides traditional butcher quality with the benefits of the latest technology.